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Masking tape is a versatile adhesive tape designed for various applications, widely used in painting, crafting, and DIY projects. It consists of a thin strip of paper or fabric coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is easy to apply and remove without leaving residue or damaging surfaces.

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Details, Usage and Applications Of Masking Tape

Variety in Masking Tapes: Acrylic, Silicone, and Rubber or Rubber resin.
Color Options Golds, Blue and Pinks to Yellow, Greens and Purples, etc.
Length Options 1 to 1500 meter
Price ₹ 70
Currency Type INR
Width Options 3 to 48 mm
Thickness Options 20 to 100 mm
Film Thickness 10 micron to 40 micron.
Box Size According to tapes width and height
Material Used Masking tape is made of two layers: A thin saturated crepe paper backing, that is thin enough to be torn by hand (so that no cutting tool is required). An adhesive that can be solvent free, hot melt or acrylic based, depending on the level of adhesion required.

Uses Of Masking Tapes:


Industrial: Masking tape is used in various industrial applications, such as insulation, vibration dampening, and cable wrap.

Construction: Masking tape is used in construction to mark off areas such as walls, floors, and ceilings that should not be painted or otherwise damaged.

Labeling and identification: Masking tape is often used to label and identify items such as tools and equipment.

Stationery: Masking tape is used in making various stationery items such as folders, files and labels.

Painting: Masking tape is commonly used to cover and protect surfaces that should not be painted such as windows, door frames, and trim. It creates clean paint lines and can be removed easily after painting without damaging the underlying surface.

Automotive: Masking tape is used in the automotive industry for masking surfaces during painting, sanding, and other processes.

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Masking tape is a versatile adhesive tape used in various industries for different applications. Here is a list of industries that commonly use masking tape:

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