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We offer a lot of variety of Tissue Tapes. For different types of applications different types of tissue, tapes are available with us. Hookadhesives is tissue tape manufacturer and supplier in sonipat Haryana India. leather- solvent base adhesive tape, posters, and paper- hot melt tissue tape, for labels grade tissue tapes are there. The Tissue tape manufacturer is known for its versatility, its ability to conform well to irregular surfaces, and its strong and durable bond. It’s important to use the right type of tissue tape for the specific application, as some tapes may not be suitable for certain surfaces or prolonged use.

tissue tape manufacturer

Details, Usage and Applications Of Tissue Tape:

Variety in Tissue Tapes 2-sided tissue tape. Double coated tissue tape. Hand-tearable tissue tape. Fingerlift tissue tape.
Color Options All color Available (Transparent, White , Red, Blue Etc.)
Thickness Options Thin Tissue Tape Thickness: (50 micrometer to 100 micrometer)
Medium Tissue Tape Thickness: ( 100 micrometer to 150 micrometer)
Thick Tissue Tape Thickness: (150 micrometer To Above)
Adhesive coating Thickness 10 micron to 40 micron.
Price ₹ 50
Currency Type INR
Tissue Tape Length 0-50 meter
Tissue Tape width 0-40 mm
Printing One color, Two color, Reverse
Box Size According to tapes width and height
Material Used [High-quality and Eco-Friendly Tape] Heavy duty Double Sided Tape is made from acrylic Nano that is guaranteed to work with any smoothy surface, Holds up to 15 pounds on smooth surfaces, adhesive tape works perfectly in temperatures range. Non-toxic, environment-friendly, recyclable, can be at ease use.

Uses Of BOPP Printed Self Adhesive Tape:

  • Sealing and packaging boxes, envelopes, and other shipping materials.
  • Holding items together, such as book pages or photo albums.
  • Mounting and attaching items, such as posters or pictures, to walls or other surfaces.
  • Creating temporary bonds for crafts and DIY projects.
  • Making custom labels, tags and name cards.
  • Mending cut or torn paper or cardboard.
  • Wrapping and sealing food bags and containers.
  • Insulating and sealing gaps around doors and windows.
tissue tape manufacturere

Industries we serve:

Tissue tapes are used in various industries for different applications due to their versatile nature and adhesive properties. Some of the industries where tissue tapes serve a purpose include:

Social Work:

We donate 1% of amount received to needy people and Foundation.


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